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In Events by Kate Vidinsky

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In Events by Kate Vidinsky

Manor’s Lap-a- Thon Fundraiser
The Lap-a-Thon is right around the corner: Friday, May 18, 2018! Here’s
everything you need to know about the biggest fun(d)raiser of the year for
our school:

Our total fundraising goal is $30,000, which includes a one-time permission
from the district’s Roundtable Committee to raise an additional $10,000 for
three specific projects: building out our Maker Space, renovating the old
computer lab into a media center with comfortable seating, and purchasing
books and other resources for our new EL expeditions.

Fundraising Information
While we encourage each student to raise $120, our main focus is always
participation. We would like to see 100% participation, even if that means
contributing just $1. The class with the highest participation rate will
win $5 gift certificates to Fairfax Variety for every student!

Online fundraising has made it easy to collect pledges from family and
friends near and far; you’ll be happily surprised by which of your Facebook
friends wants to help out your kid’s school! Here’s how to set up your
online fundraising:

1. You will receive an email from your room parent with a link to your
child’s class page. Alternatively, you can search for your child’s class
2. Click “Join Team” and follow the instructions to claim your child’s
fundraising page.
3. Help your child update his or her page to change their fundraising goal,
add their own story, and include a photo. (Click “Edit Supporter Page” to
do these things.)
4. Use the blue share button to share your child’s page. You can click
“Share via Email” and paste email addresses into the pop-up box, or copy
your unique URL into your own email or social media to ask friends and
family for support. Online pledges will be tallied and collected
automatically, so if your child is fundraising exclusively online, no
further input or envelope is
5. Your child can post updates and write thank-you notes to those who have
donated directly on their personal page!

You can also continue to raise funds the old-fashioned way by using the
hard-copy pledge sheet that your child will receive in class, collecting
fixed-amount donations or a pledge per lap. Please pick up a pledge
envelope for your child (one per student) in the office. Write your child’s
full name and teacher’s name on the outside of the envelope and seal with
the pledge sheet and money inside. Only FINAL pledge envelopes go in the
Lap-a-Thon box in the office. Please do not put money directly in the box
without paperwork.

All donations must be collected online or deposited in the office NO LATER
THAN FRIDAY, JUNE 1st. Checks should be made out to Manor PTA.

Lap-a-Thon Schedule & Volunteer Information
8-8:45am Set-up
9-10am Grades K & 1 (K will run for approx. 45 min)
11am-12pm Grades 2 & 3
1-2:15pm Grades 4 & 5

Parents: Please come out to help and cheer on the runners! We need
volunteers to keep them hydrated, punch lap cards, and more. Your
enthusiasm and support really makes a difference to the kids! Sign up to
volunteer at

How many laps will your child run? We encourage each child to set their own
goal; families might choose to pledge an extra $1 per lap to encourage kids
to do their best! Here are general guidelines:
K & 1 20-40 short laps
2 & 3 15-40 full laps
4 & 5 25-75 full laps
Note: one full lap = approx. 1/7 mile

Please make sure that your child eats a nutritious breakfast; wears shorts
or loose, comfortable pants and rubber-soled, close-toed shoes; and applies