PTA Meeting Minutes from March 5, 2019

In PTA Meeting Minutes by Kate Vidinsky

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In PTA Meeting Minutes by Kate Vidinsky

Manor Elementary PTA

General Meeting

March 5th, 2019

Welcome and introductions


Brook Wilkinson, Christine Trychin, Bethany Bloomston, Gretchen Mathis,
Kate Porter, Renee Eshoo, Spike Klein, Bianca Burgarella, Principal Peg
Minicozzi, Wendy Nuessle, Chelsea Donovan (incoming PTA co-president) Minna
Kim (incoming PTA co-president), Erika Tanamachi, Leslie Desnaulniers

Teacher News:

Thanks for the teacher luncheon, sorry it was delayed by rain, and the
power was out.

Approve minutes of February meeting

Postponed pending technical issue; March draft notes shared immediately w/
Peg, Meredith, Gretchen, Bianca, Brook, Christine.

3. Vote on next year’s co-presidents: Chelsea & Minna (Silent Vote),
unanimously passed

4. Thanks to:

Anne Altman for coordinating the Valentine’s Day Staff Appreciation Lunch

Terri Rose for heading up the Safe Routes to School days

Minna Kim for organizing our second parent ed event

Renee Eshoo for another Lost & Found Clear-Out

5. Upcoming Events

3/8: First Grade Principal Chat 8:30am (did Kindergarten ~6 weeks ago, it
went well. This is a new, grade-specific approach to principal chats, so
that Principal Minicozzi can address smaller groups and more personal /
age-level concerns or questions. Kindergarten event was very successful and
well-attended. There was a buzz after the event and people found it very
valuable. It also helped to connect parents with the idea that they can go
to the principal with concerns. It’s not just an event-only forum.

3/11: Teacher Work Day, NO SCHOOL

3/13: Walk & Roll to School Day — Keep in mind May 08, 2019 is the big
day; Bethany Bloomston is interested in helping out w/ welcome table. Look
out for the signup genius that has been circulating

3/16: Garden Work Day, 9am-1pm; Shannon has also started Garden Club on
Tuesdays. Shannon hosts children in the garden on Tuesdays at lunch time.
Also Saturday work days open to families. Can there be a task list for
quick drop-in public tasks? During drop off, before / after pickup and open
to parents who have 10 minutes.

3/23: Manor Family Dance, 5:00-8:00pm; in the multi. Jen Cosgrove and
Elizabeth Koenig (Nelson is DJ!)

4/4: Variety Show (daytime and evening shows). Needs support

ACTION ITEM: Molly to update family forms

4/4: Lost & Found Clear-Out Deadline; Thanks for Renee’s excellent work

6. Updates

Variety Show—Nelson

Safe Routes to School—Brook

Maker cart—Christine; there was a site council meeting and the Maker Team
is having a meeting on 3/11 (check date since it’s a non-school day).

ACTION ITEM: reschedule meeting

[primary list of kit model / shopping list; no special supplies required,
quick start up

Maker-carts are the response strategy to the space limitations. Keep in
mind that we have an Elfa system of shelves that has been purchased over
the years; not suitable for maker cart.

ACTION ITEM: Look at Foss kit space – could this be used for Maker storage

Library revamp—We have $4K — Principal Minicozzi mentioned discussions
about upgrading library. Old computer lab, how can we look at flexible
seating in the library? Can the main area be more welcoming and comfy, then
the lab room becomes more of a focused research space. DEMCO (School
brands) are very expensive.

Library Group: Theresa Ashby, Dewa Grant, Shelley Skelton, Alison
Spampanato, Heather Bennett, Christine, Brook

Issue: Can we put tech screen in the research room? Move a system from an
unused classroom?

Could there be lounging cushions….

Leslie suggests getting an interior decorator parent involved; Alison works
at Pottery Barn

Afterschool Enrichment Spring Classes—Brook

Spring Deadline is March 21st for registration; classes start April 1

ACTION ITEM: Announce that registration deadline is approaching.

ACTION ITEM: Include in Room Parent update

Sheri is working on getting a flyer out

DISCUSSION: Roundatable Review and last year’s $10K dip fund, that each
school keeps $10k…

Roundtable is currently looking at how to move forward to strike fair
compromises and also stay within bounds of equity between schools…

White Hill aims to evaluate their ask and meet their own budget vs relying
on other schools for asks…

Explanation of Roundatable and

Principal Update/EL Mid-Year Review

Principal Minicozzi recounted the EL Mid-Year Review w/ Sarah, Martha, plus
Dewa, Julie, Shelly, Gretchen; toured campus to see how EL is being
implemented. Teachers seeing implementation across other classrooms.
Teachers are feeling a lot of pride. Teachers are Bianca & Dewa did a
workshop 2.0 on Inspirational People… starts with a grapple (productive
strategy) class plans. We are on track and doing great.

Report cards are coming soon, kids getting assessed; Math in service
release days. Coaching from MIT professional development.

Playground Update: We are ready to order the big kids’ playground. Only
changes since last spring is that we are not going to get the big log. It
is too heavy and the cost of transporting it and installation is
astronomical. Not worth it. But we are getting everything we wanted:

-Large structure with 3 slides (like Hidden Valley and Brookside)



-Climbing dome

-Whirl spinner

-Lots of monkey bars and other upper body systems

We are planning to install over the summer. It is going to be beautiful!

Budget/Roundtable Update–Christine

Reserves exist, $3K not earmarked

Children for Change—Wendy

New Children for Change WEEKEND — Rescheduled due to rain: New Weekend is
3/23.24: Make hygiene kits, garden boxes, pollination boxes; see

Lots of opportunities

Food Drive at Manor (we have 149 cans, goal is 200)

New Deadline: March 20 can pickup; let’s get to 200!

C4C has been studying hunger this year; kids have been doing public
advocacy (speaking on behalf of various causes / programs and deciding

Now focus is moving focus from hunger to Homelessness.

Thanks to Wendy!

Sloat Garden Center opening—Email for info

Manor has an opening for daily Instructional Aide (10:30 – 12:15 pm) and
Noon-time supervisor (12:15 – 1:00 pm) – This is one position.

Potential K-2 Theater Program—Erica Tanamachi; Manor parent who has been
working on plays at Manor for a few years and would like to rally more
support among teachers and parent body to build a more robust theater
program at Manor. Could use the plays that are already in existence:
Vladimir; about Habitats for Kindergarten, Crayon play for 1st, Curiosity
for 2nd, Waste for 3rd grade stinky. The plays can be recycled and can be
incorporated into educational standards, EL model.

Potential Strategy: Hire a theater coordinator who can work 10 hrs/week on
campus; Erika — how can we ensure that theater is in the classroom and
available for each child? Parent feedback: theater in the classrooms has
been a game-changer for some kids — really magical experience.

Teacher Feedback: Teachers design organic control over theater productions
in class; more integrated…. Need to focus on EL now and nervous to add one
more layer of requirements… how can it be incorporated

Action Item: Follow up w/ Leslie Desnaliers re: Manor Mentors and
contacting parents, especially incoming kinders.

Lapathon: Heather Bennett, Jasmine Dickison, and Minna Kim. first meeting
is on 3/7.

7. New Business

Next Meeting: Wednesday, 4/3 at 8:45am in the Library