Incoming Families

Welcome to Manor! Got Questions? You’re in the right place.

First Days Of School

When will we find out who our child’s teacher is?

All parents will receive an email with teacher assignments a few days before school starts.

Is there a way to meet other manor families before the first day of school?

Yes! Manor Mentors is a program that connects incoming Kindergarten families with rising 1st grade families, and any other families that are new to Manor with another family in the same grade. Parents and kids can meet for a playdate on campus (or elsewhere) so that when school starts they will have some familiar faces around campus. (Kindies and 1st graders share a playground during recess and lunch. Parents can also use their buddy families as a resource if they have any questions. Shoot an email to us and let us know if you would like a Manor Mentor!

What does my child need on the first day of school?

Your child will need to bring a lunchbox and a water bottle in a backpack. The lunchbox should be big enough to hold their morning snack and their lunch. Kids can get pretty hungry by snack time so please be sure you pack enough food for both snack and lunch. Some kids have been known to power through all their food at snack time so if you know your kid is a big eater pack accordingly! (That said, note that during the first few weeks of school Kindies will only eat snack at school—not lunch—due to the shortened schedule.)

We strongly recommend that you label everything that goes to school: backpacks, water bottles, lunch bags, tupperware, shoes, coats… Anything that goes to school can, and sometimes does, get lost. There are many good label companies out there. Here are two: Mabel’s Labels and NameBubbles.

What is the school day schedule?

The Kindergarten day begins at 8:30am and ends at 1:55pm, except for Wednesdays; every Wednesday is early dismissal and the school day ends at 1:45pm. 1st through 5th graders start at 8:30am and end at 3:05pm with early dismissal on Wednesdays at 1:45pm. A “first bell” rings at 8:25; the “second bell” starts the day at 8:30. Students arriving into the classroom after the second bell might be marked tardy. If you’re late, visit the office for a tardy slip. Feel free to refer to the complete bell schedule here. See “Day-Day”, below, for more on drop-off procedures.

I’ve heard the first few weeks of school have a modified schedule. Why the short day?

The first twelve days of school are shorter than usual. This is both to ease the kids back into school, and to allow time for parent-teacher intake conferences. Be sure to plan accordingly, and definitely participate in an intake conference with your teacher(s)! Teachers typically will post their conference schedule in the first few days of school, and you can sign up for a slot that fits your schedule. This is a great chance to have some one-on-one time with your child’s teacher and to share all the things you want your teacher to know about your unique child.

  • Modified Intake Conference Schedule:
  • Kindergarten: 8:30am – 12:00pm
  • Grades 1-5: 8:30am-1:45pm

The YMCA’s after-school care hours are extended during this period: the program starts when classes let out. Call the Y for more information: (415) 456-5349.

What is back-to-school-night and do I really need to go?

Yes, you do. Back to School Night is your chance to hear from the Principal and others about what’s new at the school, and, most importantly, meet your child’s teacher. Your teacher will give you insight into what your child will be learning throughout the year, and share important information about school routines. You’ll also get to sign up for various classroom and school volunteer opportunities.

Back-to-School Night is an adult-only event. Childcare is provided by the YMCA for the evening. Call the YMCA to reserve your spot: (415) 456-5349.

Extra-Curricular / Before & After School Care

Is there before and after care?

Yes! The YMCA has a program at Manor. You can register for the program online, or call (415) 456-5349 for more information. In addition to the regular before- and after-school programs, there is also a Flat Rate program for Kindergartners, in which the child goes to the Y from 1:55 until 3pm, when the rest of the school lets out. This is handy if you have a Kindie and an older child, so you only have to do one pickup! And the kids love it…

Can I sign my child up for after school activities at manor?

Yes! The San Anselmo Recreation Department offers after school enrichment programs on campus. For available activities visit the San Anselmo Recreation Department website.

Day To Day

What’s the process for morning drop off?

  • Kindergarten: Parents or guardians of Kindergartners should drive, bike or walk to campus, then walk their child to class. There is a special entrance to the Kindergarten and classrooms at the corner of Oak Manor Drive and Piper Lane.
  • Grades 1-5: Students meet their teachers on the blacktop and walk to class together.
  • If you have an older student, you may also drive into the school circle and let your child out at the red curb. Note that traffic often backs up here, so put on your patience pants.
  • There is yard supervision beginning at 8:10. Parents of older students may drop their kids off early, as long as there is supervision on site.

What’s the process for picking up?

Check with  your student’s teacher for pick-up details. Generally speaking:

  • K-2: Students are only dismissed from class when the teacher sees the child’s grown-up. If your K-2 child is in the YMCA after-school program, a YMCA staff member will pick your child up at his or her classroom and escort her/him to the Y building.
  • 3-5: Students may walk or bike home or to an after school program on their own, with their parent’s permission.

Is there a hot lunch program?

Choice Lunch is our hot-lunch vendor. They offer lots of great organic and healthy choices, all delivered fresh to Manor daily. You can order Choice Lunch on a schedule that works for you. Kindergarteners won’t need lunch for the first few weeks of school, so you’ll have time to check out the menu and get all set up once the school year begins.

Back-To-School Expenses

What additional school expenses should we anticipate?

There are three main expenses to plan for:

  1. At the beginning of the year, we ask each family for $60 per child to cover basic field-work trip costs. (For some higher grades there are big overnight field trips in the spring that will cost more; you will learn about these from your teacher.)
  2. The PTA raises money through two main events during the school year: the Winter Faire (in November) and the Lap-a-Thon (in May). Through these events we pay for Emergency Supplies, teachers’ professional development, office and classroom supplies, technology, campus improvements, community-building events, you name it. Please participate in these events as much as you can. The total request from the PTA is less than $150 per child.
  3. The YES! Foundation, which funds art, music, library books, poetry, and theater for the school district, also requests a donation each year. The suggested donation of $750 per student is the actual cost to bring those programs to our school for each child. Please pay as much of that as you can afford to. However, we know that that is a lot of money! Even if you can’t swing the full amount, it is important to give something. Every little bit helps!


I’d like to volunteer in the classroom. How do I do that?

There will be plenty of opportunities to volunteer in the classroom. Each teacher has different classroom needs and you will be able to sign up during the first few weeks of school. Your teacher will provide you with more information as it is available. Interested in being a Room Parent (essentially the liaison between the Manor PTA, the classroom teachers, and your class)? Please email us and we’ll be in touch.

I’d like to volunteer outside of the classroom. What can I do?

Oh boy, are we glad you asked! A lot of the things that happen at Manor are volunteer-run, so there are a ton of opportunities to get involved. The PTA is the conduit to volunteer opportunities big and small! You can plan a school event, or part of one; help build out the maker space; beautify our school; help run a club, or start a new one; help create the yearbook, volunteer at the Winter Faire, the Book Fair or the Lap-A-Thon. And so on. A great place to start is to come to a PTA meeting; if you can’t make it to one, email us and we’ll hook you up!

Staying Informed

How do I know what’s going on at Manor?

You will get a lot of information and most communication comes via email. Here’s what you need to read:

Each week you will get a message from the Principal. Would you really consider not reading this? If so, you are made of stouter stuff than we are…

About once a week you will also get an email from the PTA. Read it! In it will be information about forthcoming events like potlucks, BBQs, Parent Education evenings, volunteer opportunities, etc.

You will also receive emails from your child’s Room Parent. Room Parents will send out information that pertains to events particular to your child’s classroom, as well as various reminders.

It can be a lot to take in, but we think you’re tough enough to handle it.


Where do I get one of those cool manor school t-shirts, car magnets, hoodies, and bumper stickers?

Right on! Show your Manor pride by sporting some Manor Gear! Cougar shirts in adult and kids’ sizes are available in the office. For Acorn shirts & hoodies, contact us. We will also be selling Manor Gear at various events, so look out for it!

This is a pretty cool faq and all, but what if I still have questions?

  • The News section of this website has helpful  info on whatever we’re up to.
  • Additionally, consider following us on Facebook. We try to keep this updated with relevant information, as well.
  • If all else fails, you guessed it: contact us! We’ll do our best to answer your questions.