The following is a list of all the PTA positions at Manor School. We are currently seeking volunteers to fill many of these positions. (Even if a main position below is marked as “filled,” there are always still ways to help out and share the load.) Thank you for all your help and support! Ready to lend a hand? Let us know.

Back-To-School Barbecue Coordinator

Occurs one Friday every September. Coordinate the PTA barbecue for the school. This is a well-attended, fun event that brings much of the community together! Responsibilities include: placing a (pre-determined) Costco food order to be delivered to campus (using PTA funds). Request volunteers (we can help you) for set-up, grilling and clean-up. Post signs throughout school for potluck and put notice in newsletter. Attend event and help guide volunteers with their jobs.

Birthday Books Coordinator

Families have the option to donate a book for the school library in celebration of their child’s birthday. The duties of this position are to coordinate those efforts with the librarian and families, and to send out donation letters.

Birthday Photos Coordinator

Once a month, come on campus to snap photos of each kid celebrating a birthday that month, then print the photos and display them on the bulletin board near the Multi-Purpose Room.

Book Fair Coordinator

The coordinator organizes the arrival of the materials and works with volunteers to set up, run the cash registers for the week and then break down materials. This is an important fundraiser for the school that teachers, students and parents all enjoy. Proceeds go to The YES Foundation.

Box Top Coordinator

This person will collect the Box Tops and submit them to General Mills in October and February for payment to Manor School PTA.

Emergency Preparedness Coordinator

Make sure our school and staff have the necessary items and knowledge to deal with an emergency on campus.

Field Trip Financial Assistant

Gather checks and forms that the teachers received from parents at the beginning of the school year. Keep tracking sheets of what is received and how much and what is outstanding. Ensure that all checks and scholarships are received from every parent by working through the teachers. Provide tracking sheets and checks to Financial Secretary for deposit.

Financial Books Reviewer

Reviewing books is a routine requirement of PTAs. Please come help review the books and check balances. Audits happen twice a year.

Financial Secretary

No financial background necessary. Duties involve working with the treasurer, tracking field-trip donations and scholarship requests, and making bank deposits to the PTA bank account. This position is part of the Executive PTA Board.

Garden Club Coordinator

Lead the weekly lunchtime garden club; schedule garden days on weekends in the fall and spring; schedule planting and harvesting.

Holiday Craft Party Coordinator

Organize a December party for students and parents to make their own holiday crafts.

Lap-A-Thon Coordinator

Coordinate the annual Lap-A-Thon, which is held in May and is our biggest fundraiser of the year. Send out sign-up sheets to families through the teachers and collect cash donations (most are made online).Solicit volunteers to help out on the day of the event. Monies raised go the PTA.

Lego Club Coordinator

Schedule parents to supervise the weekly lunchtime Lego club; this group gives kids an opportunity to tinker and build if they’d rather not spend lunch recess out on the playground.

Lost & Found Coordinator

This position manages the Lost-and-Found wardrobe to ensure that it does not overflow, and takes care of donating goods left there twice a year.

Maker Space Coordinator

Devise a list of grade-appropriate projects for the kids to do at lunchtime; stock the space with the necessary materials; work with teachers to integrate the Maker Space into their expeditions.

Manor Beautification Coordinator

Work with the principal and staff to beautify the campus in a variety of ways.

Manor Family Dance Coordinator

Plan our early-spring dance party, which turns the Multi-Purpose Room into a club with a live DJ, glow sticks, and sweet treats!

Manor Mentors Coordinator

Pair incoming kindergarten and other new-to-Manor families with families who already know their way around. Objective is to make their transition into the school easier, answer any questions they might have, etc.

Parent Education Coordinator

Recruit speakers to give workshops that are meant to educate your fellow parents (the PTA will cover speakers’ fees). These take place several times over the course of the school year. Work with the parent ed coordinators at other district schools to develop events for the larger community.

Room Parent Coordinator

This position serves as a resource for room parents who need help in their roles. This includes maintaining a binder of information that is distributed to all room parents at the beginning of the year. This person is also the conduit for passing information to parents as needed. (For instance, a volunteer request would be sent to the Room Parent Coordinator, who then emails all room parents, who then email all parents).

Safe Routes to School Coordinator

Help facilitate safer routes to school for those who bike or walk…which is a lot of us! Also, encourage families to bike and walk more to school and provide education on the importance of it. In prior years this included getting three new crosswalks installed (two on Sir Francis Drake and one on Oak Manor), the bike/pedestrian bridge near SFD Blvd, a bike-safety rodeo on campus, a punchcard program to encourage more walking/biking to win great prizes, and weekly morning snacks for bikers/walkers. Coordinate weekly helpers for the morning snacks and punchcard program.


This position is part of the executive board. Take notes at each meeting and distribute to the membership. Great way to get to know what’s going on and get to know the principal.

Staff Appreciation Coordinator

Using PTA funds, provide treats (foodstuffs, soaps, flowers, etc.) for the school staff. Also coordinate the annual Teacher Appreciation luncheons.

Variety Show Coordinator

Work with the school to set the schedule for the performance and rehearsals, publicize the show, run rehearsals and practices, find people to do lights and program…and run the show!

Volunteer Coordinator

Fill all volunteer positions and provide job description information and guidance to volunteers.

Website Coordinator

Maintain content on the PTA website. Post news updates and keep page copy current. WordPress knowledge required.

Winter Faire Co-Chairs

Coordinate the efforts of all the volunteers helping produce the Winter Faire. This is a major fundraiser for our school, and a wonderful community-building event.

Winter Faire Food Chair

Coordinate food trucks that will attend the event to sell lunch items, donating a portion of their proceeds to the PTA.

Winter Faire Silent Auction Chair

Be the HERO for Manor School! The silent auction raises the most money from all the Winter Faire activities. Grab a couple of friends and divide up the duties. Last year’s coordinator will show you how and help with everything beforehand. Requires a couple of hours each week before the event to enter donations on your computer. More time will be needed as the event draws near (but it’s all over before Thanksgiving!).

Yearbook Coordinator

Arrange for parents to take photos of major events throughout the school year; design the yearbook pages.

End-of-Year Fiesta Coordinator

Event typically held end of May or early June. Coordinate the PTA fiesta for the school. This is a well-attended, fun community-building event! Responsibilities include: placing a food order, hiring a band or entertainment, promoting the event and arranging for volunteer staffing including set-up, serving, and break-down. Attend event and help guide volunteers with their jobs.


The following positions are for Manor parents willing and able to support the school’s relationship with the YES Foundation, a non-profit organization that secures the necessary funding and advocates for programs that provide all children in the Ross Valley School District access to a complete education, including meaningful and sustained exposure to the arts and other vibrant educational programs. Learn More

“Friends of YES” (FOY) Campus Liaisons

“Friends of YES” are parent classroom representatives who put a familiar face to some of the YES handouts that are distributed throughout the year.

YES “Parties with a Purpose” Coordinators

Help organize parties hosted by Manor parents to benefit YES; these could be family-friendly events or adults-only gatherings!

YES Online Auction Coordinators

Manage Manor families’ donations to YES’ online auction, held in the spring, which is a major fundraiser for the organization.